Humboldt Park Health Wellness Center

CCE provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design and construction administration for a new 48,000 ft three-story wellness and healthcare facility with a pool. The mechanical design involved multiple rooftop units, including a dedicated pool dehumidification unit for the natatorium, natural gas distribution, building automation systems, variable volume terminal units, and ductwork distribution. Plumbing and fire protection design included plumbing fixtures, water supply, waste and venting layouts, sanitary and sprinkler systems, and a fire pump design. The electrical design solutions included electrical distribution, an emergency power system including; standby loads, building fire alarm system, and lighting controls.

180 N LaSalle Repositioning

CCE evaluated the existing building infrastructure and completed a full building load calculation and energy analysis to propose a new mechanical and electrical system strategy for the Client’s building. The consulting team thoughtfully presented a new way to reduce the HVAC footprint to increase visible window area, improve the indoor experience, and increase usable and rentable square footage on every floorplate.

Chicago 7th District Police Station

Due to system age, Chicago’s 7th District Police Station’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure required replacement. PBC hired Callan Consulting to design the replacement boiler, chiller, and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). In addition, CCE provided MEP drawings and construction administration services.

The CCE team has extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure and building automation systems/controls, enabling seamless project delivery.

Chinatown Library

The Chinatown Library was experiencing comfort cooling issues throughout the facility. Though PBC initially contracted Callan Consulting to deliver a specific scope of work, our team advocated for additional commissioning efforts to validate and expand the scope of work to deliver a proper solution to the Owner. After the retro-commissioning effort, CCE provided the solution, including SMARDT chiller reprogramming requirements and radiant zone separation.

CCE’s extensive commissioning experience assisted the Ownership Group in identifying the appropriate scope of work to ensure chronic building issues were solved. CCE strives to provide a high level of service, not just band-aid solutions, to all Clients.

North Central College Oesterle Library Renovation

Existing buildings present unique challenges, the Oesterle Library is no exception. Oesterle is a three-story 28,000 sf building that was expanded and modernized under this project. Callan Consulting Engineers performed extensive site surveys and analyses to develop a solution that minimized cost and downtime with a phased approach. CCE reconfigured mechanical systems to enable comfort and control of new and additional heating and cooling zones. A new boiler plant was installed to replace a district steam heat exchanger, and all major equipment was relocated onto the campus-wide BAS. Electrical power and lighting controls were designed to accommodate new offices and a new layout of equipment and furniture. CCE also developed a replacement fire alarm panel to fulfill the current code requirements. Plumbing and fire protection design had to accommodate new restrooms and new building additions. As a result, the occupied space was transformed, and the existing infrastructure was successfully reutilized.